Search engine submissions are important, because if you want to use search engines for generating traffic to your web site, you need to make sure your site is listed with them properly and under the required category. So, in this article we’ll take a look on how such submissions can be done. The first thing you need to realize about search engines is the fact that human based engines differ greatly in regards of search engine submissions from robot based ones. Crawler based (automated) search engines, do not require people submitting their sites to, but rather they send out crawlers to search the web and find relevant documents and pages, listing them into their directories. What you need for robot search engines to correctly index your site is the correct method of search engine optimization done to your site. With human based search engines, the submission is not done automatically. Here you need to go to their directories and submit your web site . The first step to make is to find the right categories, where you can submit your web site by its main topic. You may do it manually or by using different types of software on the market today. Only, remember to be careful when using the software, which would submit your site in a non spamming manner, so you will not get banned from the listings. click on  search engine marketing services

Before you use any sort of software, read the feedback on it and maybe consult some users, who have done their search engine submissions with it. Now, before submitting all the pages of your web site to human based directories, first submit just the main home page . You want them to show your main site first and not just separate pages of it, so do this first. You will have to wait a certain time after the submission is done before your site appears in search results. It is called the lead time. After that carry out a check up of how successful your submission was and go on with submitting the rest of your pages there. If your submission went all right, you may want to take some more time to time check up and see if any of the pages have fallen out of listings. It may happen due to constant change of search engines algorithms. You may also need to resubmit some pages of your site if you have done major changes to them. However, do not resubmit them with every minor change made, or else it would be considered as spamming technique.